2017 Festival

Lindfield Arts Festival aims to deliver an annual Arts event for the local community that nurtures creativity, broadens the mind, provokes the imagination, and provides a unique magical experience and endeavours to evolve and adapt year on year to cultural diversity of our ever changing community.

Every year the Festival continues to be fully committed to providing opportunities to the whole community, from the youngest to the oldest with the emphasis on providing inclusive activities for all and particularly for those who may be isolated or with special educational needs, to access the arts in all their forms and to providing a platform for artists and creative individuals to showcase their work. The board of Trustees and the managing committee is made up of volunteers, bringing together a wide range of skills and experiences in all areas of the arts, event management and administrative support.

The Festival showcase covers: theatrical drama; music of all genre; film, cinema vision and photography; literary events, poetry, book readings and creative writing; visual art, local crafts, sculpture, ceramics and pottery; all kinds of dance; street art, circus skills and performance; comedy and other local talent that is scoped throughout the year.

Lindfield Arts Festival wants to encourage local performers and artists to integrate with the local community, building relationships across the diverse groups and associations in the Mid Sussex area; particularly focusing on inclusiveness and accessibility throughout the year by sharing prolific artistic talents where possible and providing a clear, focused voice to articulate the role creativity can play in health and well-being. Lindfield Arts Festival continues to be committed to supporting emerging artists and young people who are developing their artistic talents or aspire to a career in the arts.

Contact us enquiries@lindfieldartsfestival.com if you have or know of a budding artist, actor, dancer, writer or musician the Festival will be happy to consider how it can showcase their talent.

photo credit: vigo74 Artist via photopin (license)

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