Five Rounds Rapid at the Stand Up

Where: The Stand Up Inn

When: 8-10pm, Sunday 18th September

Five Rounds Rapid are an original band based in and around West Sussex. They aim to record all of their material and gig the hell out of the local music scene. Contact:

Neal Freeman (Vox/Synth/Guitar)
Naomi Walker (Vox/Percussion)
Danny Hallis (Acoustic Guitar)
Clive Layton (Drums)
Peter Oliver (Bass)

frr band

frr band2

Lucy & The Hophead Band

Lucy is a local country singer based in sunny Sussex, who works hard at writing, recording and performing her own songs.  Joining her this year at the festival is the fantastic “Hophead Band” – made up of Chris, Jon and Dave.

They’ve been lucky to have had some great experiences through their band, the ultimate was when they were picked to be the support act at Lindfield Arts Festival for the well-known band Toploader in summer 2014. They have also been played on lots of country radio stations including UK Country Radio, the Russell Hill Country Show and Keep It Country.

You can catch them regularly at venues across Sussex, and they’re always working on new tracks and recording covers for fun, so there’s always new stuff to hear on this website.

Keep it country!

Lucy and Hophead Band
Performing for Lindfield Arts Festival 2014

The guys behind the music…

Chris (lead guitar)

Chris picked up a guitar when he was 7 and after learning a few chords at a local class decided to teach himself more… and the rest, as they say, is history! He says he’s still learning and loving every minute, though even after seeing him play just once, you’ll wonder what more this man could possibly have to learn. In short, he‘s awesome and has played in bands all over the world.

 Jon (bass guitar)

Jon says he’s been ‘attempting’ to play bass in bands for 11 years. But the truth is, he’s a top-notch musician and can turn his hand to pretty much any instrument. He fell into his first band by accident with a bunch of guys 30 years his senior who he met at NA. As a chappy in his twenties, he loves music in all its forms, but was totally new to country before joining the Hophead Band and Lucy Ellie. He thoroughly enjoys learning all it has to offer and adding more feathers to his cap.

David (drums)

Having started playing the drums when Methuselah was a boy (or at least that’s what it feels like to him), Dave actually started beating out rhythms on his Father’s tubs of homebrew as a young lad as he found they made a nice ‘thunk’ sound. After a while his long suffering family bought him a proper kit in his mid-teens so he could share his passion for making a noise with the neighbours too. He then cut his teeth playing in a succession of local bands playing both covers and originals in the sort of venues where it’s better to mug yourself on the way in as this saves time later. Fast forward more years than he cares to remember and we find him occupying the drum throne for Lucy Ellie. He still isn’t sure how this happened, but he is rather glad it did. And so is Lucy.

Saturday concert – Mid Sussex Sinfonia

What: Performance by Mid-Sussex Sinfonia

When: 17 September, 7-9pm

Where: URC Main Church

Tickets: Suggested donations £5

The Mid Sussex Sinfonia, established in 1971, is the area’s foremost amateur orchestra. Drawing on the skills of both talented amateurs as well as local teachers it gives four concerts a year as part of its season at Clair Hall in Haywards Heath. Continuing its tradition of engaging with other local organisations, the Sinfonia regularly performs with the Ardingly Choral Society and recently produced a Christmas concert with the Balcombe and Lindfield School of Dance.

The Mid Sussex Sinfonia string section took part in last year’s Lindfied Arts Festival and makes a welcome return under the Directorship of its leader, Martin Palmer (pictured) in a concert of string favourites. This will include Karl Jenkins’ sparkling and diamond-studded ‘Palladio’, Pachelbel’s famous Canon , Warlock’s Capriol Suite, and Bach’s beautiful Violin Concerto in A minor followed by his sublime ‘Air on a G String’.

The Sinfonia is pleased also to have the company of the local and ever popular mezzo-soprano, Jane Haughton. Jane will be singing the deeply moving song cycle ‘Love Blows as the Wind Blows’ written by George Butterworth just before the outbreak of the first world war; a conflict in which he tragically lost his life.

The Lindfield Arts Festival hopes that you will join the Mid Sussex Sinfonia in this concert of the most beautiful and uplifting music.

Jane Haughton- Martin Palmer brochure photo IMG_0768

Fable 44

A Guest Blog by Sharon Wright, Fable 44.

I love writing music and I love to perform. I think I always have. OK, maybe not so much when I was in my early teens and had to perform a classical grade 7 piece in front of an audience with my proud parents watching expectantly and me hoping the earth would just open up and swallow me. Maybe not then, as I found the whole classical training very embarrassing in an era of Mods, Ska and Doc Martins. But…in the end it was all leading to something worthwhile even if I didn’t recognise it at the time.

It all began walking along the beaches of Isla Cristina in the South West corner of Spain, composing songs in my head which I later wrote down in the evenings with the help of my husband and lifelong rhythmic partner. I began to create a repertoire of songs that we would later record in 1992 for A Cultural Project at that time in Madrid. As funds didn’t run into any promotion at all, not much happened and I’m not adding anything new to the usual story of excited young musicians who have their hopes and dreams dashed, sometimes several times. However, as is the way with all of life’s disappointments, we picked ourselves up, brushed down our jeans and carried on with a little less ego, a little less expectation and a lot more songs.

So from these beginnings I played with many musicians and bands juggling the music with family life and teaching. I met marvellous musicians who always played my songs with love and grace giving them the quality and life that I never dreamed they would have. Now most of the songs I write would be described as Jazzy/folky pop that is more in line with my own current musical tastes.

So why Fable 44? Each of our lives is like a story and the songs I write mainly express my feelings at certain times of my life so I could say that the songs are born, raised and then express themselves just like me. 44 is a number that for some reason I usually see more frequently than any other for example when I look at the clock and it’s always something: 44 or the registration of the car in front has 44 in it, that kind of thing. I’m open minded regarding the mysteries of the universe and I tend to notice things like that. I think that it adds a bit of mystery and another layer of possibilities to our lives.

I’m looking forward to playing at the Lindfield Arts Festival again this year at Paulino’s Restaurant. I have a nice mix of original and well known songs to entertain and hope that people will enjoy an intimate and soulful evening of music. Hope to see you there!

P.S I will have some copies of my latest album with me and you can buy a copy for £7.00 if you enjoy the music.

Local Rok Skool offering a great programme

Hereward Kaye and his fabulous performers are offering the Festival some great entertainment, from poetry, female pop vocals to rock bands. Plenty to see and listen to. Hereward will be reading some of his dark poetry in between the vocalists and choirs in the morning.

Sussex Rok Skool opened in September 2006, caters for all ages on a world of musical creation, exploration and performance. They are pioneers of a growing movement and now have over 200 students, 15 bands and rooms resounding to the sound of singing, guitar, bass, drum and keyboard lessons, recording sessions and band rehearsals. Rok Skool is a vibrant, vibey place to be. And these days it’s about kids and adults– they’ve got a female choir, a new adult start-up band, a 10 piece Jools Holland style big band (all beginners 2 years ago; now out and gigging) and adults in vocal coaching getting better by the week and performing live.

And you can see some of these acts performing at Lindfield Arts Festival Saturday 17th September 2016 in the URC Church and Red Lion pub.

Timetable at the URC for the Songs & Poetry Presentation

10am: Guest readers present a selection of poems from Insomnia – Dark Poetry by Hereward Kaye
10.15: La Luna (6 voice female pop vocal group)
10.40: A selection of readings from Insomnia
10.50: The Larynx (20 voice Lindfield Primary PTA Choir)
11.10: A selection of readings from Insomnia
11.20: SisterSister (6 voice female pop vocal group)
11.50-12pm: Final readings from Insomnia

Timetable for the evening’s performance at the Red Lion

7:15pm Crysis
8:15pm Chandni Nayee
8:45pm Roy Rad Band

The Larynx


Laluna  Chandni Nayee Crysis

Roy Rad Band

Local dramatic soprano sings her heart out

Where: URC Main Church

What: Concert

When: 17 September, 1.00 – 1.45pm

Lorna Collins is a dramatic soprano and has been a Royal Philharmonic Society young artist and Susan Chilcott scholar. She completed her postgraduate studies at Trinity College of Music, and has performed at Saddlers Wells. She studied under the tenor José Cura taking part in masterclasses and concert performances. Operatic roles include Suzuki for Opera Brava and Rheinmaiden in Das Rheingold for Opera 2000. She enjoys getting involved in youth education has been an associate artist with Glyndebourne Education, working closely with the Director of Young Voices Project.

She admits her inner passion for opera and her voice have got her through some of the most difficult of times of her life, and as a result, she has channelled this positive energy over the years into several community events, believing that musical skills should be shared with as many people as possible, the purpose being to uplift, inspire and free individuals to pursue their own potential, whatever this may be. Some of these interactions included work with dementia patients at the local hospital, the challenges of singing with deaf-blind individuals, finding a singing voice amongst a crowd of rowdy teenage boys…all so diverse but brought together through the power of song.

She continues to sing locally and is a soloist for choir Coro Nuovo where international tenor Andy Rees is the musical director.

Sarah and Geoff hit the airwaves

Mid Downs Radio recently interviewed Chair of the Trustees, Geoff Heath and designer, Sarah Reynolds at their studios in the Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath.

Having the opportunity to broadcast locally to the community is an important part of Lindfield Art Festival’s marketing strategy.

Programmes are now available, from which you can see the wide variety of events and activities happening all through the day. 17th September 2016 will be a day to remember, one filled with art, crafts, music, dance and much much more.  For more information

Mid Downs Radio