Local Coop Community Fund

Something very exciting is happening alongside the new branding of the local Coop Stores in and around Lindfield, Cuckfield and Haywards Heath.

For those of us with a loyalty card, we can now earn a 5% bonus on all Coop purchases, and the Co op will then give 1% of what we spend on its products to local community projects selected by Co op stores near our homes. You can choose which cause your own 1% goes to. If you don’t, it’s shared out between the causes of your nearest Co op.

At the moment Lindfield Arts Festival and Time 4 Children are the two local projects of choice.

Lindfield Arts Festival [Registered Charity No 1150304] aims to deliver an annual Arts event that adapts year on year to cultural diversity of our ever changing community; it is fully committed to providing opportunities to the whole community, from the youngest to the oldest with the emphasis on providing inclusive activities for all and particularly for those who may be isolated or with special educational needs, to access the arts in all their forms and to providing a platform for artists and creative individuals to showcase their work.

Time 4 Children [Registered charity no. 1111837] is a charity which aims to increase the emotional wellbeing, self-confidence & self-esteem of emotionally vulnerable children between the ages of 4 and 12 in the mid-Sussex area.

To ensure that the charities benefit from your regular shopping at the Coop, please register your new blue Coop card online at https://membership.coop.co.uk/dashboard and click which charity you wish to support.

Please share this article with your family and friends and encourage them to vote for one of the above charities too. Every registration will be important, every small penny will aid significantly with this year’s fundraising. New causes will be chosen every 6 months.