Watch out

The Team LAF 2015 will be dressing the village High Street. Bunting, signage and posters will be appearing down the High Street.

The Butcher, King Edward Hall and the Junction all have the big banners advertising the Lindfield Arts Festival.

Preparations are all in hand for Saturday and Sunday’s festivities. Not forgetting the Comedy Night in the Bent Arms on Friday night.

Come along and see us. Your Arts, Your Village and we need you.

Buskers’ Buskstops all around the village

Lindfield Arts Festival has attracted local talent who want to entertain the crowds and busk.

Check out the four Buskstops, Paolinos, SWALK, The Toll House and by The Pond

And if you want to busk for us – contact us as there may well be spaces for you to show off your talent.

It’s the final countdown

top endTeam LAF 2015 are getting very excited.  There are only a couple more days to go before the sixth [yes Sixth] Lindfield Arts Festival kicks off.

Each year has had a different theme and focus and this year proves no exception. The High Street will feature prominently on Saturday as a backdrop to local performers.  Listen out for the church bell peals to open the Festival.

Sandy Wickham-Eade
Sandy Wickham-Eade

We’re starting off with the Comedy Night and after a good night’s rest will prepare Lindfield High Street for its traffic free day of fun and frolics.  The Plays will be one of the main features but don’t forget the workshops happening around the Village and the activities, performances and art and craft displays.

Sunday has the Barefoot Players in the Lindfield Primary School performing their ‘Little Women’ whilst there will be a band playing in the Stand Up to round the Festival off.

Sue PearsonSaturday and Sunday in the King Edward Hall have a wonderful exhibition of Arts and Crafts.  Surely there’ll be something for everyone and it’s not too early to shop for Christmas is it?

Lots for everyone to see and do – join us. 


Exterminate exterminate, Dr Who?

Dr Who may be returning to our screens in a week’s time but more to the point is: THE DALEKS ARE! Well, one at least.


Mr Alan Dalek we would like to invite you come and try and “exterminate” the fair people of Lindfield High Street between 12.10 and 2.30 on Saturday 19th September:) However we would request that you kindly try and refrain from exterminating all the amazing Popsteps children and the Queen of Popsteps and Fitsteps Becky Stevens from Dance 2 Tone between 2 and 2.30 outside of the Red Lion.

India and her parrot, Rupee


We have arranged for India to come along and busk at LAF on Sat 19th Sep.

She plays the accordion, has an amazing voice and will bring her pet Parrot called Rupee who sings along with her.

She is a student at Canterbury University studying Latin and Greek who also a busks in her spare time.

Mervyn Huggett has just spent 10 days sailing with India on The Amelie Rose to the Paimpol Sea Shanty Festival in Brittany.