Cavan Wood Literary Talks

What: Sex! God! Anglicans!

When: 17 September, 11am-12pm

Where: Bent Arms, Upstairs


The life and poetry of John Donne. Cavan Wood examines the life and poetry of John Donne, whose metaphysical poetry celebrated both God and sex. Will include poetry readings.



What: Jane Austen: Christian moralist?

When: 17 September, 12-1pm

Where: Bent Arms, Upstairs

In this lecture, Cavan Wood wonders why we still read the work of Jane Austen in the 21st century and if this 19th century Christian can teach us how to live a better life now.

Cavan Wood has been a Head of RE since 1993. He has written textbooks for Heinemann on Judaism and Buddhism as well as for the Think RE series. He is a regular contributor to Secondary Assembly File and a reader in the Church of England.

Tickets are free, however, tickets are allocated due to limitations on seating capacity. Please register your place below.