Clare and Emma’s creative workshop lanterns

At the information point, in the High Street, come and admire Clare and Emma’s handiwork. The lanterns of withy and tissue will be displayed alongside the graffiti installation on Sunday 18th September.

With over 49 years of outstanding art teaching between them, Clare and Emma are the creative force behind their art based workshops specialising in Withie and Paper sculptural makes. 20160827_135535
With an  extensive  experience in numerous art fields it was their love of Community Arts, in particular that of Carnival arts which bought the two artists together.
Within this area individually they have created and lead children groups, managed outstanding art departments and been involved in the London Olympic Get Set events.

Work they have directed has been included in The Burning of the Clocks Brighton ,  The Brighton Festivals Children’s Parade, Uckfield Big Day out to name just a few.

IMG_2066Together their passion for the Arts and the power it can give to communities drives the vision for their workshops.20160826_112741

Ranging from school based days to family workshops Clare and Emma make sculpting accessible and help young and old imaginations alike come to life.

Using Withy an age old sculpting material and tissue paper these light weight builds can be lit as a magical display of light or be large scale builds.

UBD_2016_050-1-1 BDO_2013_009-1Their pieces displayed during the Lindfield Arts and Craft festival are influenced by the historic celebration of Haywards Heath railway but also shine light on the creativity of the village decorating during the day and illuminating at night.

For further information about Clare and Emma’s Creative Workshops contact us on:
Tel Emma: 07812049573

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