Fable 44

A Guest Blog by Sharon Wright, Fable 44.

I love writing music and I love to perform. I think I always have. OK, maybe not so much when I was in my early teens and had to perform a classical grade 7 piece in front of an audience with my proud parents watching expectantly and me hoping the earth would just open up and swallow me. Maybe not then, as I found the whole classical training very embarrassing in an era of Mods, Ska and Doc Martins. But…in the end it was all leading to something worthwhile even if I didn’t recognise it at the time.

It all began walking along the beaches of Isla Cristina in the South West corner of Spain, composing songs in my head which I later wrote down in the evenings with the help of my husband and lifelong rhythmic partner. I began to create a repertoire of songs that we would later record in 1992 for A Cultural Project at that time in Madrid. As funds didn’t run into any promotion at all, not much happened and I’m not adding anything new to the usual story of excited young musicians who have their hopes and dreams dashed, sometimes several times. However, as is the way with all of life’s disappointments, we picked ourselves up, brushed down our jeans and carried on with a little less ego, a little less expectation and a lot more songs.

So from these beginnings I played with many musicians and bands juggling the music with family life and teaching. I met marvellous musicians who always played my songs with love and grace giving them the quality and life that I never dreamed they would have. Now most of the songs I write would be described as Jazzy/folky pop that is more in line with my own current musical tastes.

So why Fable 44? Each of our lives is like a story and the songs I write mainly express my feelings at certain times of my life so I could say that the songs are born, raised and then express themselves just like me. 44 is a number that for some reason I usually see more frequently than any other for example when I look at the clock and it’s always something: 44 or the registration of the car in front has 44 in it, that kind of thing. I’m open minded regarding the mysteries of the universe and I tend to notice things like that. I think that it adds a bit of mystery and another layer of possibilities to our lives.

I’m looking forward to playing at the Lindfield Arts Festival again this year at Paulino’s Restaurant. I have a nice mix of original and well known songs to entertain and hope that people will enjoy an intimate and soulful evening of music. Hope to see you there!

P.S I will have some copies of my latest album with me and you can buy a copy for £7.00 if you enjoy the music.

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