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The BOOK ACTIVIST was founded by Victoria Dilly, who above all, wants to share her passion for reading.  Victoria has been a school librarian for nearly ten years and has always been an avid reader.  This new venture is aimed at supporting children and young people’s reading through the school, the local community and at home.

“I believe everyone has the potential to develop a love for reading and I wanted to do something to encourage this.  The benefits of reading have never been more evident but it can be challenging to get children reading. There are so many fantastic books written for children and young people it is essential to give them the knowledge to discover these, helping them become independent readers.  Many young readers, and indeed, teachers and parents, are not aware of all the amazing resources out there that can support them on their reading journey and encourage them to share their reading experiences. Through one to one support, working in schools and the community, I will be raising awareness so that children and young people can discover a love for reading that will last a lifetime.  I’m delighted to have been invited to join the Lindfield Arts Festival committee and look forward to working with the team and bringing a new literary element to the Festival”



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