Lucy Ellie & the Hophead Band headlining at the Stand Up

Lucy is a local country singer based in sunny Sussex, who works hard at writing, recording and performing her own songs.  Joining her this year at the festival is the fantastic “Hophead Band” – made up of Chris, Jon and Dave.

They’ve been lucky to have had some great experiences through their band, the ultimate was when they were picked to be the support act at Lindfield Arts Festival for the well-known band Toploader in summer 2014. They have also been played on lots of country radio stations including UK Country Radio, the Russell Hill Country Show and Keep It Country.

You can catch them regularly at venues across Sussex, and they’re always working on new tracks and recording covers for fun, so there’s always new stuff to hear on this website.

Keep it country!

Lucy and Hophead Band
Performing for Lindfield Arts Festival 2014

The guys behind the music…

Chris (lead guitar)

Chris picked up a guitar when he was 7 and after learning a few chords at a local class decided to teach himself more… and the rest, as they say, is history! He says he’s still learning and loving every minute, though even after seeing him play just once, you’ll wonder what more this man could possibly have to learn. In short, he‘s awesome and has played in bands all over the world.

 Jon (bass guitar)

Jon says he’s been ‘attempting’ to play bass in bands for 11 years. But the truth is, he’s a top-notch musician and can turn his hand to pretty much any instrument. He fell into his first band by accident with a bunch of guys 30 years his senior who he met at NA. As a chappy in his twenties, he loves music in all its forms, but was totally new to country before joining the Hophead Band and Lucy Ellie. He thoroughly enjoys learning all it has to offer and adding more feathers to his cap.

David (drums)

Having started playing the drums when Methuselah was a boy (or at least that’s what it feels like to him), Dave actually started beating out rhythms on his Father’s tubs of homebrew as a young lad as he found they made a nice ‘thunk’ sound. After a while his long suffering family bought him a proper kit in his mid-teens so he could share his passion for making a noise with the neighbours too. He then cut his teeth playing in a succession of local bands playing both covers and originals in the sort of venues where it’s better to mug yourself on the way in as this saves time later. Fast forward more years than he cares to remember and we find him occupying the drum throne for Lucy Ellie. He still isn’t sure how this happened, but he is rather glad it did. And so is Lucy.

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