Nikki Sheehan, poetry workshops

What:  Interactive author talk and poetry workshop – Nikki Sheehan

When: 17th September, time 12.30pm for 9+ and 2.30pm for 7+

Where: URC Church

Who:  Children aged 9+ / 7+ – max 40 children

Interactive talk for children aged 9+

If you could be an animal what would you be and why? And how might this help you to write an amazing story? Come and share your ideas, learn some amazing animal facts, try out a few metaphors and get the lowdown on how to write a book.

Poetry workshop for children aged 7+

Do you think it’s possible for a group of kids to write a poem TOGETHER in just 10 minutes? Come and find out, and while you’re there have a go at writing, performing and all types of poetic play!
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