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A Guest Blog by Eve Ainsworth.

I never planned to write for young adults. I just knew I wanted to write SOMETHING. Writing seems to run through my blood, it feeds me and keeps me warm – and for a long, long time I just wrote the odd ideas that popped into my head – often underdeveloped and not really thought through in detail. But they were ok and they fed my addiction.

Things changed when I started working in a local secondary school. Again, this was not on my list of plans. In fact, when I left the same school at eighteen, I swore that I would never EVER return. But after years of unfulfilling and uninspiring work, I needed something different – so I decided to take the leap and work with teens – and thank goodness I did.

My new job meant that I was working directly with young people and also witnessing some of the real issues they were facing. It was a job I absolutely loved. It soon became clear to me that I could utilise my work in my writing and create stories that represented some of the very real and very concerning problems that face teenagers today. And so 7 Days, a book about the realities of bullying, was written, shortly followed by Crush, a book about toxic and controlling relationships.

I am a true believer that life takes you down a particular path for a reason. Years ago, I would have never expected to be writing books for teens, but now it seems a very natural and enjoyable route for me. This is not to say that I think you should only write what you know – but having experience in certain areas can feed your passion and make the writing so much more authentic.

Above all you need to enjoy what you do. Always.


Eve has written two Young Adult novels – Seven Days and Crush – both published by Scholastic. Seven Days was nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal.

Eve is giving an author talk at Lindfield Arts Festival on Saturday 17th, 1.30-2.30pm in the URC. Register now to save your seat! Suitable for ages 11+

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